Birchwood Community Development Update

Posted April 10, 2023

We are excited to share the latest information regarding development in Birchwood. While so much progress has been made, the community is still actively developing and there is still much more to come. We’ve gathered some updates and information for you below and welcome your questions at

Land Bay B Clubhouse
We’re pleased to announce that the name for this new community amenity will be The Birch House! The design is based on informal input from residents and will complement the existing clubhouse. The construction permit has been issued and work is expected to begin by this summer with an opening planned approximately 18 months later.

Residential Construction
Earlier this year, a significant milestone in development was achieved in passing the half-way point with just over 750 settled homes of the total 1,502 approved for Birchwood.

On the western side of the community, of the total 867 homes to be built, approximately 160 are yet to be completed. There are only three Van Metre and two Knutson condominium buildings that remain to be started, construction is projected to continue through late 2025, subject to market conditions. On the eastern side of the community, land development is well underway and sales have started. A total of 552 homes are to be built here including a mix of single family attached, detached, courtyard style and multifamily. Van Metre’s first single family model home is going up and Miller & Smith will be building their first single family detached homes in Birchwood along with their popular courtyard homes and town homes.

The original projections for Birchwood contemplated a 10-11 year period for residential build out to completion. Although there continue to be many factors that can impact this timeline, development is still anticipated to meet the original projections.

Common Area Development
At this stage of development, the community developer continues to be responsible for the installation and maintenance of all the common area infrastructure, landscaping and amenities, except for the clubhouse and the clubhouse parcel which has been transitioned to the HOA for
maintenance. Residents should continue to contact the HOA team with any common area questions or concerns.

Transition of Maintenance – The HOA Grounds & Facilities Advisory Committee, Financial Advisory Committee, and Management Team has been preparing, and have budgeted, to accept maintenance responsibilities for Land Bays C1, C3, C4 & D this year. As the first settlements occurred in Land Bay A, this will be the first residential Land Bay to have maintenance responsibilities transitioned to HOA. There is a process in place through the county and with the HOA for this transition to occur.

Common Area Landscaping
Spring clean-up has been accomplished, mulching continues, and turf applications of fertilizer and weed control begin this week. Areas of bare earth, requiring turf restoration have been identified and will occur this spring. Clean up of the white tape, marking the reforestation areas, in Land Bays A & D has begun.

Final Paving
Using the community map pictured for the Land Bays referenced, consideration for paving portions of Land Bay C2 is underway. Although residential construction is anticipated to continue in this Land Bay through the end of 2025, there may be areas of completed construction that paving may be feasible. Updates will be shared as they are available. In Land Bay C4, residential construction was completed in July 2022 and final paving is planned for completion in 2023. The developer is scheduled to walk these areas with the paving contractor in April.

Streetlight Installation
There are a few areas throughout Land Bays C1, C3 & C4 where streetlights were not installed during the original installation. Payment has been made to the utility company for the streetlights and their installation however, there have been unanticipated difficulties and delays in working through the individual infrastructure and easement requirements for each of the remaining lights to be installed. This work continues and it is anticipated that all remaining streetlights will be installed this year.

Parking Space Markings & Fire Lane Curb Striping
Work is scheduled to begin this week, faded areas will be refreshed this spring.

Community Entrance Gates
Installation of the unmanned entry gates at the designated community entrances is well underway. Final touches will include restoring turf and landscaping.

Gate Operations Information – The Birchwood HOA has advised that they do not plan to fund the operation of the gates in 2023. The Grounds & Facilities Advisory Committee will host a meeting with the gate vendor to ensure that there is full understanding of the warranty period, functionality, and the options for operation.

Pond Maintenance
Goose Rangers started work onsite with their dogs earlier this year. Their dogs humanely deter geese from making their home on Birchwood’s ponds and help to prevent waste accumulation from the surrounding areas.

The wetlands professionals will continue to maintain Birchwood’s ponds this season, and regular visits will increase to twice each month in the season starting in May. Due to the shallow conditions on the large pond, there are occasions when algae will bloom, especially in hot and sunny conditions. These professionals also monitor the fish count and take appropriate measures to deter the algae while maintaining the health of the fish in the pond.

The wetlands professionals have confirmed their recommendation to maintain this “one mower’s width” buffer around both ponds; the grounds maintenance crew will follow this recommendation.

Traffic Signals at Firefly Sonata Terrace & Loudoun County ParkwayA Warrant Study was submitted to VDOT in November 2022. The study included projections for the traffic from the fully completed residential and the existing commercial building. It was recently learned that this light was not warranted, and therefore not approved for installation at this time by VDOT. This intersection will be monitored by VDOT as traffic increases

Bram Quarter
Leasing interest is strong for the first Bram Quarter building. We can report that Letters of Intent have been submitted for all of the available spaces in the building, some of the spaces even have multiple Letters of Intent. A primary focus is on curating a good mix of tenants. The due diligence period is underway for several potential tenants and we look forward to sharing tenant announcements as they are finalized.

Paris Baguette Coming to Bram Quarter

Cue the French music, a Parisian cafe is making its way to Bram Quarter! We’re excited to announce that Paris Baguette has just signed their lease and will be opening their first Loudoun County location in Bram Quarter. They have also announced a partnership with Lavazza coffee offering an authentic Italian coffee experience. Learn more about their neighborhood bakery at


Beyond Birchwood

The Soave Center for the Arts
I’m sure everyone is watching the dairy barn renovation along Evergreen Mills Road! This renovation project is part of a proffered commitment to associated with one of Brambleton Group’s previous rezoning applications for the Brambleton Community.

The dairy barn is named, “The Soave Center for the Arts” and is being constructed to accommodate a wide variety of uses including but not limited to private events, meeting spaces, indoor and outdoor celebrations and other similar activities. The Brambleton Group has also committed to space for the Brambleton Presbyterian Church for Sunday morning services. In addition, in the spirit of fostering a sense of community, the Brambleton Group will be working with both the Brambleton Community Homeowners Association as well as the Birchwood at Brambleton Community Association to secure event dates at this facility for next year.

The Soave Center will operate under the umbrella of the developer and will be rented out to individuals and organizations for private events. The renovation is expected to be completed later this year and the developer looks forward to opening this new facility.

Future Development on Evergreen Mills Impacted by Loudoun County Revisions to AIOD and Zoning Ordinance Rewrite
Changes to the footprint of the Airport Impact Overlay District and recent announcements regarding intended revisions to the Zoning Ordinance have prompted the developer to evaluate development opportunities on Evergreen Mills Road. Eight acres of land in this area are now designated in the AIOD 65+ and are no longer eligible for residential zoning. We will continue to share updates with the community as we move forward.

Northstar Boulevard & Evergreen Mills Road Intersection
With the recent closing and detour of Arcola Boulevard, and the redirecting of Arcola Boulevard traffic onto Evergreen Mills Road, there has been an increase in traffic and car accidents at the intersection of Northstar Boulevard and Evergreen Mills Road. At the request of Supervisor Buffington, the Brambleton Group along with Shirley Contractors and VDOT officials met at this intersection to discuss interim measures that could be put in place to help slow and prevent accidents. The Brambleton Group offered to have traffic engineers, Wells and Associates, review this intersection and for potential interim measures that can be implemented until the traffic light can be installed. These interim measures will need to be approved by a number of governmental agencies prior to being executed. Once there is an approved interim traffic plan, the community will be notified of these changes.

Shirley Contractors will be installing the traffic light as part of this $90 million dollar construction project. Shirley Contractors is hopeful the
light will be installed late 2024 and completion of this road is anticipated by March 2025. Once constructed, the new 1.6-mile segment of Northstar Boulevard will serve as a minor arterial roadway from Route 50 to Evergreen Mills Road. It is also part of what will be a 14-mile, uninterrupted corridor extending from Route 7 south to the Prince William County line, to provide an alternative north/south connection to Route 50, not only addressing traffic congestion in the corridor, but also improving capacity and safety on existing area roadway networks.