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Posted March 1, 2023

Pickleball, a paddle sport that has boomed over the last several years, is a favorite hobby in the neighborhood, attracting players of all ages and abilities. The sport is gaining special popularity with the residents of our 55+ community, Birchwood at Brambleton, as they love meeting new people and picking up new hobbies. One such resident, John Cross, gave us a little more insight into the world of pickleball below.

pickleball courts in birchwood

John and his wife relocated to Birchwood from their native New Jersey to follow their children as they began their adult lives near the Virginia state colleges they attended.

“The move made sense because it anchored us and the kids with a community near where the kids were, but since they are young, they could be mobile and we needed roots. The kids are building their own roots now, and there is a real value for all of us to be close because we do like to get together.”

The pair decided they had two major requirements. While they wanted to find a neighborhood full of people their age, they also wanted to make sure that their new community was just as active and lively as they are, especially since both are still working full-time. Cue Birchwood, our incredible 55+ community designed to refresh life for residents who want to maintain their pace of life in a new space.

May 2022 Men's Group A Pickleball Tournament

Immediately, the Crosses were welcomed with open arms as other residents encouraged them to join community get-togethers like potlucks, trivia, game nights and of course, football watching in the Clubhouse. Now, every annual event in Birchwood at Brambleton goes straight on their calendar, from the 4th of July to the end-of-year holiday party. These events are extra special since they give the couple a chance to connect with folks they may not always see as much as they’d like. Even more fun time with fun people? John decided to pick up a new sport in pickleball and just like the perfect third shot drop, he was hooked. So hooked in fact that his Birchwood recreational activity led to him becoming a Paddletek brand ambassador.

Initially intrigued by the “small tennis courts,” John and others, including David Watson, were jumping in with both feet to learn and play more! The game is not just fun, but allows neighbors to form special relationships both on and off the court. John and Dave’s enthusiasm continued to grow with pickleball’s popularity, and now they work with other community members to encourage maximal court use, court use and fair competition. Speaking of competition, don’t let pickleball’s laid back vibe fool you. Said John, “when we get to the ‘final four’ of the tournament, friendly competition turns into competition among people who are friendly with each other, although there are certainly no hard feelings off the court.”

pickleball winners        ladies pickleball winners

This camaraderie is apparent to everyone who plays. John’s friend and fellow Birchwood resident, Joanne Day, shared with us, “I love the game of pickleball, but I especially love the people here at Birchwood who participate in the game! It’s a great group, all welcoming. I don’t know if I would’ve ever met some of these friends if it weren’t for pickleball.” While Joanne learned about the sport just before becoming a Brambletonian, many didn’t take up pickleball until they joined the community. Player Jian Wu, who has been a part of the Brambleton community for over 20 years, began playing here and now loves the mental and physical exercise the sport provides, the accessibility of the dedicated pickleball space, and, of course, the people who play.

May 2022 Ladies A Group Pickleball Tournament

It seems no matter what you get involved with here in Birchwood at Brambleton, you stay for the people you meet. The warmth and vitality of this community is perhaps the best reason to come home to the best place to be.

Says Watson, “Birchwood brings together people of similar ages and phases of life in a community where making friends and learning new things is very easy.  We have met more people in the last 3 years than we had in the previous 20 years.”

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Whether you plan to give pickleball a try or not, now may be the right time for you to learn more about Birchwood, northern Virginia’s most exciting new home community for 55+ Living. Spectacular Setting. Incomparable Location. Award-Winning Homebuilders. Life Refreshes At 55. Are You Old Enough? Call for a Clubhouse tour: 703.765.5426